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Immigration Partners for Overwatch Esports Teams

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P-1 Visa services for Overwatch Esports Teams


With great excitement and optimism, we are proud to announce that Queen City Immigration Law’s Esports services presents the 2019 Overwatch team Package for P visas. Last year, Overwatch teams experienced a myriad of issues with obtaining proper work visas for their athletes and support staff. Now, QCI Law, will provide unique and tailored services just for Overwatch esport’s teams and related support staff to successfully petition for the best talent from all over the world. To build rapport with the Overwatch community, we are offering a program which legal fees are only due when athletes arrived to the United States.

The P Visa Challenge

  1. Deposit Government Fee

  2. Give us the documents we need on time

  3. Athlete gets here

  4. We get paid

* This program requires that the documents arrive to our law firm on time and that there are no unexpected admissibility issues. 

Non-Immigration Visa Options

  1. P-1A classification for professional boxers who are internationally known or recognized.

  2. P-1S Classification for essential support personnel, business and training staff, of P-1 international recognized boxers with valid status.

  3. O-1 classification for aliens of extraordinary ability in boxing or training boxers

  4. O-1S - Classification for essential support personnel, business and training staff, of O-1 extraordinary ability boxers with valid status.


1. Visa support for single competitions

2. Visa support for promotional contracts and management agreements

3. Visa support for training facilities in need of coaching or competition talent

4. Immigration Solutions for boxing business professionals 

The Esports Promotion Package is a program that allows QCIL to integrate seamlessly with esports related organizations in a manner that increases efficiency and reduces costs.

Try the Online Platform!

Visit this link - www.esportsimmigration.com/yourorganization

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